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Age 8+
Playing Time: 15–20 Minutes
BGG Rank: 920 Overall — Abstract 113 — Family 282
2006 Golden Geek Best Light / Party Game Nominee

In this abstract path following tile placement game for 1–8 players each player, in turn, order draws a tile into there hand and places one tile, the player stone is moved along the path attempting to go the longest distance without being removed from the board.


Graphics and Sound

The graphics are lovely and the sound is soothing, They do the job they are supposed to do, and while they add something to the experience they do not overpower the experience. The graphics do go the extra mile though and you can tell this was an important feature for the developers. There is a VR version available if you are into VR games. It’s more eye candy if you’re into that.


While there are leaderboards for the game and its modes. They are not inside the game itself and selecting the leaderboards in the game takes you out to a steam window with both global and friends boards. I think this could have easily been added into the main game and would have created a bit of a better experience.


It’s not the biggest of brain burners and that’s a good thing. It’s a great relaxing and dare I say a zen filled experience. Easy to learn, easy to teach and anyone can get the hang of the game in about 2 minutes. But it stays fresh as it’s a quick hit that does not wear out. Definitely, something the non-gamers and younger folks could get into and do well.




Gameplay — 7.5
Graphics — 8
Value — 8

Total 7.8

Where To Buy

Google Play
iOS App Store

Semi-retired game designer and developer trying to use my experience to enhance the strategy and strategy adjacent gaming sector.

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