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Semi-retired game designer and developer trying to use my experience to enhance the strategy and strategy adjacent gaming sector.

Steam Summer Sale Picks How do I determine what goes into my picks articles? Well, for one… I look for the deals… Normally I will not say anything about something that is not at least 30% off. I also tend not to go for the bigger named games unless I find the deal to be exceptional. I am all about hidden gems. I really like to help with the discoverability of those games that just deserve more attention. These don’t even get put on the initial master list unless I have played them… There is no hype here. This is…

Strategy Informer Recommendations Steam Winter Sale 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year, another steam sale. I have gone through the sales and picked out the ones that I thought were good recommendations based on some criteria.

  1. These are games I have experience with enough to give a thumbs up and recommend them.
  2. I went for the lower-priced side of things. I had to shorten the list somehow or it would have been insane. So it's mostly 15$ or less with a discount of at least 30%. …

Fast Five Issue 2

Fast Five is where I in short form tell you about 5 things in a topic that are worth playing. Today we are going to look at 5 free to play games. I specifically am staying away from card-based games as I want to do that next. Our previous Fast Five was 5 Demo’s You Should Check Out so check that one out as well.

In deciding what to put on this list, I looked for games that were not blatant cash grabs, had reasonable cost upgrades that were not forced on you. Of course, they had to be somewhere…

One again publishing to medium due to the site not yet being 100% ready.


Age 8+
Playing Time: 15–20 Minutes
BGG Rank: 920 Overall — Abstract 113 — Family 282
2006 Golden Geek Best Light / Party Game Nominee

In this abstract path following tile placement game for 1–8 players each player, in turn, order draws a tile into there hand and places one tile, the player stone is moved along the path attempting to go the longest distance without being removed from the board.


  • Async Multiplayer
  • Shared / Split Screen Multiplayer
  • Up to 8 players or Solo
  • 3 Scoring…

Fast Five Issue 1

Fast Five is a new article feature thing that I am doing. Taking inspiration from Follow Friday on Twitter, today I decided to do a little amplification of things I find that are interesting and worthy of your attention.

Since I have not launched the website yet, I have deiced to pre-publish on Medium to start the ball rolling for this article feature. The content will of course be published on the main Strategy Informer website but for now, I will publish it here.

There is no denying that demos have become a larger factor for game purchase and interest…

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